Coping with defeat

Dealing with defeat is something that we all have to learn, and it’s starts when we first participate in sports as a child. How a person copes with disappointment, defeat and hard times reflects what sort of a person they are, whether they can come back stronger or whether they give in. Whether you’re dealing with a lack of success in your job, a loss in an important sports match or you’re coaching a youth team – you must know how to effectively deal with the experience in a positive way.

  1. Learn Something

Defeat is a great teacher. It provides you with an opportunity to reflect on what went wrong and learn from it. Examine what went wrong, so you can avoid it happening in the future. Always try to see the glass as half full and focus on the good things you achieved. Try to think optimistically, stay focused on your goals and get right back out there again. In terms of sports training, learn some new skills with Soccer Training Drill Videos from

  1. See the opportunity

Some of the best endeavours have been as a result of a failure or defeat. For every failure, you are one step closer to success. A great example is the scientist who was trying to formulate a super strong glue, but instead created a low-stick adhesive which just happens to now be on the back of every Post-It Note in the world!

  1. Seek advice from experts

Remember to always be open to learning and always be a student of your sport, interests or work. Find help from those with greater experience, whether it’s in person or through social media or blogs. This can help you to see what went wrong. It is never a sign of weakness, but a strong position of humility from which you wish to grow.

  1. Set goals

Never take your eye off the prize. This focus is also a good way to swipe defeat aside and carry on determined. Yes, there will be setbacks, drawbacks and bumps along the road, but a clear goal will keep your head focused and able to march on.

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  1. Don’t blame others

Never blame others for defeat and take responsibility for your own actions. When you’re suffering a defeat, it’s on you – not a co-worker or teammate. It’s tough but the good part is that it puts you solely in control of your destiny. You might have made mistakes, but you have the power to improve and take control.

  1. Don’t give up

If something is worth doing, never give up. A defeat is only ever a real defeat if means you stop doing something. Why did you start this path in the first place? It meant something and was important to you, so stay in the game and don’t let defeat beat you. Be persistent and you will succeed, give up and you definitely won’t.


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