Summer grooming tips all men should know

Although we often spend most of the year longing for the summer sunshine, looking well-groomed when it’s hot outside is far from a simple task. It typically doesn’t take long for the frustration of sweaty armpits, oily skin and limp hair to take over but the good news is that these frustrations don’t have to last. To prove it, here are five grooming tips that will ensure you look great and can truly live your best life this summer.

The daily cleanse

Taking care of your skin is important and as men’s skin tends to be on the oily side, cleansing your face every day will remove the build-up of oil and pollutants that can cause breakouts. Use a gentle gel face wash to keep your skin looking and feeling soft and clean, without getting dehydrated.

Tone and moisturise

A good toner will help to prevent both spots and ingrown hairs. Avoid alcohol-based products to ensure your skin doesn’t end up overcompensating for any dryness by producing yet more oil.

Remember, just because it’s warm outside doesn’t mean you can skip the moisturiser. Avoid heavy creams and use a gel-based formula to hydrate without leaving an oily film all over your face. If you’re looking for your ideal moisturiser, this Independent article covers some of the best on the market right now.

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Jump in the shower

A daily shower in the summer is a must, even if you aren’t naturally a very sweaty person! If you like exercising you might want to shower twice a day to keep yourself feeling fresh. Washing away sweat and dirt will also help you to prevent confidence-zapping skin breakouts but again, avoid using harsh soaps and shower gels.

Dress with confidence

Putting on your favourite outfit will always give you an immediate confidence boost. Ensure that your clothes fit well and are made from good quality materials that won’t make you feel uncomfortable as the temperature hots up. Farah shirts, which can be seen here, are a solid summer staple for many and pair well with jeans, shorts and other trousers for an easy summer aesthetic.

Don’t go overboard on the cologne

Although it can be tempting to layer on the deodorant and cologne, don’t! Opt for something light as strong scents can very quickly become too overpowering when it’s hot and humid.

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