How do I Order from Canada Pharmacy?

Canada Pharmacy started in the year 2001, is one of Canada’s leading online pharmacies. It aims to provide good quality and safe medications at affordable prices to its customers.

There are two ways to order medicines from Canada Pharmacy, either through their website or by calling their toll free number.

Ordering Online

Although there are six steps involved while ordering through Canada Pharmacy’s official website, in truth, the process is quite simple.

The first step is to shop and select the medicines that a customer wants to buy. These could either be prescription or non-prescription drugs, or the full range of pet products available on Canada Pharmacy’s website. Once the products have been selected, they need to be added to the shopping cart before the checkout process.

After selecting which products to buy, the next step is to either create an account, in case the customer is buying from Canada Pharmacy for the first time or sign in to an existing account. Once the customer has signed in, they will be asked to choose one of the three shipping options available to them.

The first option is called ‘Free Shipping for Life,’ where customers have to pay a onetime fee of $50 and buy products from Canada Pharmacy without any shipping charges. The second option involves paying $20 for a year and receiving free shipping for the same. The third and the last option is called ‘Pay As You Go,’ where a customer has to pay a standard $10 charge whenever they shop from Canada Pharmacy.

Once a customer has selected one of the three shipping options, they will then need to either fax a copy of their order to the toll-free number (1-800-883-6005) or email it to, with the order number included on the prescription. Additionally, customers also require to mail the original version of their medicine to Canada Pharmacy’s mailing address located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

The final step takes place a few days after the medicines have been ordered when a customer service representative would deliver the order and collect the payment.

Ordering On the Phone

Ordering medicines via phone is quite similar to ordering online, except that a customer has to tell their order to a customer service representative on a call.

The first step is to select the products, followed by calling the Patient Care Service, a toll-free number (1-800-891-0844), which is available on all seven days of the week, between 8 am and midnight. The call will be attended by a customer service representative who will place the order and collect the payment.

After the order has been processed, customers will either need to fax a copy or email their prescription to Canada Pharmacy, followed by mailing the original version of the same to their mailing address. In a few days, the customer will receive the order at their doorstep.


In case a customer faces any issues or has any questions regarding placing an order, they can either contact one of the two toll-free numbers (phone: 1-800-891-0844 or fax: 1-800-883-6005) or watch the video on how to order medicines via Canada Pharmacy, which is provided on the website. Besides placing a new order, customers also have the option to refill the drugs that they ordered previously.

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